Varilux X Series Progressive Lenses from Essilor

Tired of tilting your head to keep things in focus? The answer is within arm’s reach!

Most of our everyday tasks are done at close range. Whether you’re working on your computer or texting while you grab a cup of coffee, everything is within arm’s reach.

That’s why Essilor designed a lens to provide sharp vision and smooth transitions at multiple distances.

A clear visual area to help keep you connected

Varilux X Series lenses feature Xtend technology to extend and sharpen your arm’s length vision. Extend technology provides you with a very wide and clear field of vision in the 40 to 70 cm range, without muddying things in the distance or up close.

Essilor holds 15 patents for these lenses, which correct the image distortion caused by variations in prescriptions and eliminate the off-balance feeling some progressive lens wearers experience. The Varilux X line uses Nanoptix technology to reduce the swim effect by directly correcting image distortion and using Syncroneyes technology to help both eyes focus faster.

Talk to your Opto-Réseau professional today to find out which type of Varilux X Series lenses is right for you!