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Overcoming Eye Fatigue: Our Advice for Optimal Visual Comfort

Whether for work, study, or relaxation, screens have become our daily companions, and our eyes are increasingly strained. It's no surprise that eye fatigue has become a common issue for individuals of all ages. In this context, our team invites you to participate in a brief questionnaire and provides advice to minimize its impact on your life.


Light-reactive lenses: a practical solution for kids!

Kids lead busy lives! Between school, recess and weekend activities, they’re often on the go, quickly moving between indoors and outdoors. But having to switch between prescription glasses and sunglasses can be tricky for parents in these situations. To help simplify your life, the Opto-Réseau team is shining a spotlight on a practical solution: light-reactive lenses.


How to help keep your child’s eyes healthy

La santé des yeux de votre enfant est précieuse et détecter un problème rapidement peut faire toute la différence et éviter des répercussions même à l’âge adulte. Pour mieux vous outiller à déceler les signes, Opto-Réseau vous partage ce petit guide pratico-pratique.