SeeCoat Blue Premium from Nikon

Maximum protection against ever-increasing exposure to blue light.

These days, people spend an average of 9.8 hours a day looking at screens on devices such as tablets, computers, and smartphones.  When you stare at these screens, you are being exposed to blue light that can be harmful to your eyes.

Some exposure to blue light is necessary. That’s why SeeCoat Blue Premium from Nikon lets in beneficial blue light and blocks out blue-violet light.

Can SeeCoat Blue Premium make a difference in your life?

Sometimes we experience symptoms and we don’t know what’s causing them. Eyestrain, headaches, and visual discomfort when using screens are all symptoms that can be caused by too much blue light.

In addition to its antireflective properties that help you see clearly, SeeCoat Blue Premium increases the colour contrast on screens and protects you from the harmful light they emit.

Whether you’re at work or having fun outside, SeeCoat Blue Premium from Nikon is the best choice to keep your eyes healthy and protect them from blue light and UV rays.

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