Recharge from Hoya

Is blue light affecting your health?

If you’re someone who:

  • Uses digital devices for more than four hours a day
  • Regularly gets headaches
  • Feels discomfort when looking at screens
  • Gets eyestrain

Hoya’s protective Recharge coating could help alleviate the symptoms.

Some types of blue light are harmful, while others are beneficial.

You need some blue light every day to help with your body’s circadian rhythm and hormone regulation.   But only blue-turquoise light is beneficial.  It’s important to limit blue-violet light, which has a wavelength between 380 and 440 nm, to keep your eyes healthy.

In addition to blocking harmful rays to provide you with clear, worry-free vision, Hoya lenses are coated with Recharge to block blue light, which can lead to macular degeneration and other retina complications over the long term.

Talk to your Opto-Réseau professional today to learn more about the benefits of the Recharge coating.