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A progressive lens made for you—and with you.

Just as every person is unique, every eye is unique.

How you move through life and see the world depends on your physical characteristics, your personality, and your actions.

That’s why Hoya created the iD MyStyle 2, a lens that can adapt to the vision needs of each eye using iD, a patented and award-winning technology with an integrated dual surface design. This double-sided digital manufacturing method is a first for the Canadian market!

Your prescription, previous glasses, lifestyle, and work habits will all be taken into account to create a lens that fits with your daily routine.

Unique lenses tailor made for you

The harmonization technology used in iD MyStyle 2 lenses gets both eyes working together, rather than independently. This makes your vision much more natural and allows for smooth transitions between near and distant visual areas.

To ensure your lenses suit your lifestyle, your visual profile is taken into account, based on four model profiles designed to optimize different areas of vision: modern, adventure, detail, and stable.

To cap it all off, the technology also takes into account the progressive lenses you were using to make it easier for you to transition to your new glasses. All these elements go into designing lenses that are perfectly suited to your needs and habits.

Lenses as unique as you are!

Talk to your Opto-Réseau professional today to find out which version of the iD MyStyle 2 lenses is right for you.