3 Reasons to Have Multiple Pairs of Glasses

15 May 2024


The primary reason for getting a pair of glasses is to improve your vision. Depending on your prescription and needs, different types of lenses may be suggested by your opticians.

Depending on your activities or lifestyle, you may decide to get a combination of several pairs of glasses.

Opting for multiple pairs allows you to have glasses tailored to each activity in your daily life such as:

  • Driving
  • Work or leisure activities involving prolonged screen time
  • Engaging in hobbies that require close-up vision (reading, sewing, cooking, etc.)
  • Participating in sports activities


Another reason that motivates glasses purchase: protecting your eyes. Whether you spend a lot of time indoors or outdoors, various elements like sunlight, wind, or ambient lighting can affect your visual comfort.

There are various optical solutions to protect your eyes, such as safety glasses for work, sunglasses, or glasses with photochromic lenses (reactive to light).

Indeed, even when indoors, your environment can impact your visual quality and comfort. For example, screen time, ventilation, or ambient lighting are factors that can affect your eyes or cause discomfort (eye fatigue, dryness, irritation, etc.).

Depending on your lifestyle and activities, our clinic experts will recommend a product or combination of products that suit your specific profile.


Your glasses are not just a visual correction tool but also an essential fashion accessory. Having multiple pairs allows you to express your style according to your mood or the season. Extravagant frames for bold days and more understated models for formal occasions, there's a pair for every look. After all, it's often the first accessory people notice since it's right in the center of your face.

Feeling like trying out a more vibrant style? Trust our clinic's expert stylists to push your boundaries or get inspired by our frames in our online catalog.

Moreover, the models from our Editorial Collection, available in our 82 clinics, are the ultimate selection to stay updated with the latest eyewear trends.

Le cas de Jérémie

Jeremie spends a lot of time in front of screens for work but is also an avid cyclist. He could be advised the following glasses combination:

  1. A pair of prescription glasses including specialized lenses to reduce visual fatigue and treatment with blue light protection.
  2. A pair of sunglasses including his optical prescription and with frame and lens characteristics designed to optimize performance while cycling.
Le cas de Josée

Marie works in a nursery and frequently transitions from indoor to outdoor environments. In her free time, she loves to relax with a good book. Here's a combination that could be suggested to her:

  1. A pair of prescription glasses with light-reactive lenses, such as Transitions® lenses, to simplify her workdays.
  2. A pair of reading glasses to enjoy her favorite books on her e-reader during the weekend.


Remember, the best part of it all is that with our "2 is Better than One" offer, you save on the purchase of multiple complete pairs of glasses. So, you can treat yourself and meet all your needs while saving and benefiting from the advice of our expert stylists in the clinic.

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