3 advantages of the new contact lenses for presbyopes: TOTAL30 Multifocal

22 February 2024

You are presbyopic and prefer wearing contact lenses to glasses. The new lens from the TOTAL range is undoubtedly the optical solution for you! Discover the advantages offered by this innovative product available since February 2024.

total 30 MF

Monthly freedom for presbyopes

The Total30 multifocal monthly lenses represent a practical and economical solution for presbyopic patients who prefer or prioritize wearing contact lenses over glasses.

Presbyopia1 affects everyone eventually, but this eye condition should not dictate your daily life. A patient who regularly engages in physical activities or simply has a lifestyle better suited to wearing contact lenses typically turned to daily disposable contact lenses.

Thanks to the new Total30 multifocal lens, presbyopic wearers who prefer wearing contact lenses 4 to 7 times a week now have a reusable lens option that fits their lifestyle, while potentially saving* money and enjoying 30 days of peace of mind.

Clear vision at all distances

Aiming to offer optimal vision to all types of wearers, Alcon's TOTAL range is now able to correct almost all types of vision corrections.

The PRECISION PROFILETM optical design found in Total30 multifocal lenses allows for a simple 2-step adjustment with a 96% success rate, providing excellent visual acuity at different distances for presbyopic wearers.2-4

total30 mf lenses

Proven increased comfort

As you age, in addition to presbyopia, the risk of developing other eye problems such as dry eyes increases. It is considering these factors that the new Total30 lens has been designed.

Benefiting from the proven water gradient technology of the Dailies Total1 Multifocal lens, the Total30 multifocal lens offers increased comfort and the feeling of wearing nothing, even on the 30th day5. This technology makes wearing contact lenses not only possible but also comfortable since it guarantees a water content of nearly 100% on the lens surface.

Finally, the lens also features CELLIGENT® technology, which facilitates maintenance, provides protection against deposits or bacteria that can cause dry eye symptoms, and therefore enhances comfort up to day 30. 6-9


To get more information about these new contact lenses and to assess the best option for you considering your visual needs and lifestyle, book an appointment at your Opto-Réseau clinic.

*To explore your options and compare the cost of purchasing daily and monthly lenses, refer to your Opto-Réseau eye care professional.
**Based on in vitro studies of unworn spherical lenses.

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