High performance, innovative design and eco-friendly commitment in every frame

Dragon is a committed brand, leading the way in the creation of models with innovative design and high technical performance. Created by Will Howard in 1993, in a garage in Capo Beach, California, the brand was created to reflect his passion for surfing, snowboarding and motorcycle racing. Twenty years later, still driven by the same passion, Dragon offers a complete range of sunglasses, ski and motorcycle goggles.

Eco-responsibility is part of the brand's DNA, influenced by the heritage of the snowsports culture, in which respect for the environment is paramount. Through numerous initiatives, Dragon participates in protecting the elements of nature that are dear to its heart, "the Earth to explore, the air to breathe and the oceans to surf".

In 2019, to design eyewear "that doesn't cost the Earth", the brand created frames made from biodegradable, plant-based resins.

With its new Upcycled collection, the brand continues its evolution by putting sustainability at the forefront. Indeed, this range offers unisex sunglasses and ophthalmic frames made from recycled plastic water bottles. Each of the frames is designed using five bottles.

Like Dragon, these frames are ideal for those who lead an active, engaged and passionate lifestyle.