Glasses Trends for Back to School

The optical stylists at our clinics are trained to find the perfect frame for every face—and for every member of your family. To help you find the perfect frame for your child before school starts, here are some of our absolute favourites for inspiration.


Just like a grown up

LTrends in children’s glasses often mirror trends in adult eyewear. That’s why we’re seeing styles like the double bridge as well as metal, tortoise shell, and clear frames. For example, the Elevenparis Boys and Girls collections include several on-trend styles that allow younger kids to express their personality.

 1- Mexx

 2- Elevenparis Boys and Girls

 3- Kunoqvist

 4- Elevenparis Boys and Girls


Role models and heroes

Kids almost always have a favourite book or movie character they look up to. Popular heroes include Disney princesses, Spider-Man, and characters from Star Wars and the Avengers. French manufacturer Opal understands that kids want to be like their heroes and has created an eyewear collection that includes subtle nods to their icons.


Pretty patterns

Most kids like fun patterns. Polka dots and delicate flowers along the temples are always in, along with more masculine styles like stripes and colour blocks. More and more brands are also coming out with unisex styles for small faces—simple pink and blue just doesn’t cut it anymore!


 1- Avengers (Opal)

 2- Etnia Barcelona

 3- Superflex Kids

 4- Safilo Kids

Styles designed to go anywhere your kids go

As any parent knows, kids love to be active. Fortunately, eyewear collections like Kids by Safilo—which you’ll find at our clinics—feature durable glasses made to withstand all the rough and tumble. You can also opt for spring-loaded frames, such as Superflex Kids, that are more flexible and comfortable for active youngsters.


Colours galore

When it comes to colours, there’s something for everyone. We’re into translucent styles for a more natural look. Kids who aren’t keen on the idea of wearing glasses may like this more subtle look. Bright colours have always been popular with kids and recent collections are no exception. Rich colours such as red, blue, and purple draw attention to small features. We’re also big on pastels and colour gradients that create soft-yet-colourful looks.


 1- Elevenparis Boys and Girls

 2- Superflex Kids

 3- Superflex Kids

 4- Safilo Kids


Older kids and teens

Starting around age 10, kids’s tastes become more defined as they start following trends more closely. There are lots of frames out there to suit teen faces. Collections like Kliik Denmark, Etnia Barcelona, Nike, and Lacoste feature simple designs that are perfect for teenagers who want to wear adult styles but still need a narrower frame to fit their face. Our exclusive frame collection, Millésime, also offers modern and trendy styles that teenagers and young adults will love.

 1- Lacoste

 2- Mexx

 3- Lacoste

 4- Nike


Don’t hesitate to consult the opticians at one of our clinics to get their advice on a frame that will suit your child to a tee. It is also a good time of the year to book your child an eye exam and make sure everything is in order for the start of the school year!