Elevenparis Boys and Girls

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Trendy frames to look just like the grownups.

In 2012, in response to its resounding success, the brand launched its line for children. Inspired by the collections of frames for adults, the models offer girls and boys as much personality as their parents.

The style of the line, which is very fashionable and unique, is inspired by the trends identified in the fashionable neighborhoods of Brooklyn, Berlin and Tokyo. To appeal to the youngest, some models are designed in collaboration with Warner Bros, Disney and Nickelodeon.

Very modern shapes, handmade, textured acetate and metal elements give the frames a falsely classic look.

Children can finally emulate their parents with frames in a revisited style, adapted to their young faces.

Trendy frames that aren’t just for kids! In fact, with their contemporary and trendy style, this collection is also perfect for adults with small faces!

This collection has also made a conscious effort to go green in recent years, rolling out initiatives to reduce its environmental impact and engage in social causes that align with its values. Under one such program, glasses and financial resources are donated to UNICEF to help build schools in Côte d’Ivoire.

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