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Photochromic Lenses

Our light-adaptive photochromic

Transitions® lenses, Zeiss PhotoFusion lenses, and Hoya Sensity lenses all change colour when exposed to UV light. The lenses are completely clear indoors—the tint is activated when you step outside and expose them to sunlight.

The lenses work to correct your eyesight, giving your clear, sharp vision when indoors. They also provide you with the same visual quality when you head outdoors, in addition to maximizing your comfort and protecting your eyes from the sun.

The advantages of light-adaptive lenses

Light-adaptive technology helps to keep your eyes healthy by protecting them from harmful blue light and by absorbing all UVA and UVB rays.

The technology keeps getting faster and more responsive and is available with most types of corrective lenses, making it a practical solution if you frequently move between indoor and outdoor spaces during your day.

Lenses that darken in the sun are also a good option if you are sensitive to bright light because they protect your eyes from glare without you having to change glasses.

Expert advice

Add a personal touch to your next pair of glasses

In addition to protecting your precious eyes and allowing you to see comfortably, light-adaptive lenses are also a great way to personalize your glasses and make a statement.

Between the photochromic lenses and the frames, the possibilities are endless—the next time you’re shopping for glasses, you’ll be able to create your dream fashion accessory that perfectly suits your face and tastes.

To get an idea of how the different colours and tints will look on you, experiment with the Transitions® Virtual Try On. You can see what colours Transitions® lenses come in, combine them with a frame you like, and see how the glasses would look on you, all in real time.

Interested in trying photochromic lenses?

To learn more or to switch to photochromic lenses, book an appointment at one of our clinics! Our eyewear professionals will be happy to help you choose the best product for your new frame that meets your specific needs.

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