WestGroupe: Montreal Design Making a Global Splash

The Quebec-based company behind the collections KLiiK denmark, FYSH, Evatik, Superflex, Bertelli, and IZUMI has just launched a new line: OTP. The WestGroupe story is one of a family with a passion for eyewear. It’s a story built on a mission—to provide quality frames to fashion-focused consumers—and a legacy—founder Rodney Suliteanu’s conviction that business should be conducted with honesty and integrity.

Rodney Suliteanu founded Western Optical in 1961, distributing frames he curated from Europe and Asia to the Canadian market. Over the years the company grew substantially, and changed its name to WestGroupe. Suliteanu’s children, Michael and Beverly, both born in Montreal, then joined him in the business in 1990.

Ten years later, the Suliteanu family opened a new chapter for the firm and began designing their own frames. These house collections would become the core business of WestGroupe. The company now has 105 employees and sells its collections in 47 different countries. We’re glad the world is as big a fan of them as we are back home.

Fysh modèle 3595

Fysh model 3595

Kliik modèle 641

KliiK  model 641

Bertelli modèle 909

Bertelli model 909

An Original Business Model

One of the keys to the company’s success is its comprehensive lineup of products. In addition to its own collections, it also sells well-known brands under licence.

But their own brands give them greater flexibility to personalize frames. For WestGroupe President Michael Suliteanu, the company’s success is not simply about style, but also about “being involved in what we create and staying faithful to the key components of each brand’s DNA.”

They work hard to design and deliver what people want: beautiful, easy-to-wear frames that complement their face. And to come up with designs that are original and current, VP of Product Development and Creative Director Beverly Suliteanu told us previously that her creative work drives her to stay on top of the latest trends. Her team continuously develops new colours and new processes. “We have the freedom to design frames that incorporate trends from both the eyewear and fashion industries. It’s a luxury not many other brands have,” she says.

In fashion as in business, a brand’s longevity

Designed in Montreal, Made for All

Evatik modèle 9186

Evatik model 9186

Izumi modèle 9283

Izumi model 9283

Superflex modèle 204

Superflex model 204

WestGroupe’s collections, all designed in Montreal, reflect the leading trends in eyewear while serving a diversity of tastes.

KLiiK denmark is crafted for people with small faces, with flattering narrow frames, minimalist lines, and understated colours.

The FYSH collection, on the other hand, flaunts bold colours and accents for women with a strong individual style.

The men’s line, Evatik, features contemporary designs in masculine tones, for a fresh, distinctive style.

The Quebec-based company is also committed to offering products for every need and every budget. Superflex frames bring fit, durability, and comfort to all, and Superflex Kids offer comfortable frames with fun detailing for the younger set.

The Bertelli collection is for the free-spirited woman, with design elements ranging from elegant to edgy. And IZUMI frames blend Eastern inspiration and European fashion trends for an intricate, refined look.

The brand-new OTP collection (One True Pair) combines modern lines with soft colours. Like the millennials they’re designed for, these frames are unpretentious, honest, and individualistic.

Interested in exploring any of these collections and supporting local businesses? Find WestGroupe frames at the Opto-Réseau clinic nearest you.