Picking the right frames for your face shape

It’s just like when you decide on a new hairstyle—the shape of your face can really help you when it’s time to choose new glasses. Even though the only sure-fire way of finding the perfect frames is to try them on, certain styles of frames are known to go with particular facial types. Find out what style of frames to look for next time you’re shopping in the clinic.


Frames: Gucci and Lacoste 

Frames: Prodesign and Gucci

Every face is unique, but there are some basic principles that can give you an idea about whether a given frame will (or won’t) go with your face. If you have a round face, you might want to skip round and oval frames and instead try to counterbalance your rounded features with contrasting glasses.

Your style consult at the clinic can show you models with squared-off and rectangular frames to lengthen and slim down your face.


Frames: Chloé and Calvin Klein

Frames: I-Man and Boss

It’s a another story if you have a square face, in which case you might want to opt for frames that soften those angles with a rounded or curved look.

If you’re looking for even softer, more luminous contours—translucent or light-coloured frames are worth considering for a more delicate framing of your eyes. 


Frames: Ba&sh and Izumi

Frames: Mexx and Lacoste

If you have a heart-shaped face, like an upside-down triangle, your jawline is narrower. As a rule, it’s best to steer clear of extra-wide frames, since they can make your forehead look broader and your chin narrower.

Our in-clinic optical stylists can show you some square and cat-eye models that will riff off the symmetry of your face and balance out the angles. Round or oval glasses can also look awesome if you want to really lean into that (currently red-hot) retro look.


Frames: Salvatore Ferragamo and Chloé 

Frames Sandro and I-Man

If you have an oval face—lucky you! You have the perfect facial structure for pretty much any style of glasses.

The world is your oyster! Pick your favourite style (or flavour of the minute) or go all out and experiment with bold shapes and colours. All that’s left is planning your try-on session in the clinic so you’ll find the model (or models) that make your day.

Fast-track your in-clinic frame shopping

Although these rules may help you spot the right face-to-frame match for you, they don’t work for everyone. That’s why, as we said before, scheduling a try-on session at the clinic is a must. As you explore different styles, you and your stylist can zero in on the perfect frame(s) for your specific face, vision, and lifestyle.

Eyewear collections and models available may vary from one Opto-Réseau clinic to the next, so your best bet is to make an “Inspirations List” and load it up with frames whose shape, design, or colour appeal to you. 

To make your Inspirations List, follow these 3 steps: 

1. Explore our selection of frames and click the “Heart” button to add your favourites to the list.

2. When your Inspirations List is full to the top, make an appointment to hit the clinic and check out what’s available or similar to your favourites.

3. Send that list to your clinic ahead of time so the in-house style consultants can get to know your preferences. They’ll be ready to lead you straight to the very frames you always wanted.