Makeup: Tips and Trends for Those Who Wear Glasses

The post-Holiday period is always a little difficult. You have to find the motivation to stick with your resolutions while the winter cold hits its most discouraging peak. January, more than ever, is the month to add some colour to your life and get dolled up! To help inspire you, here are some hot makeup trends and tips that are perfect for those who wear glasses.

Try These Three Trends in 2017

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Daringly Dark Lips

How do you feel about intensely bold lips that contrast with the pallid winter landscape? Dark lipstick was already trending in 2016 and its seductive allure—in shades from wine red to midnight blue—is far from fading. 


Glamorously Glittery Eyelids

The Holidays may be over, but you can still twinkle and glow! In fact, sparkling eyelids are more in fashion than ever. Avoid wearing them with dark lips though or you’ll risk overdoing your makeup.


Ultra-Glowing Skin

Let there be highlight! This year, the gold standard for beauty is luminous, iridescent skin. Apply generous brushes of luminizer on your lids, an excellent way to make your features appear slimmer. 

Adapt Your Makeup to Your Vision

If You’re Short-Sighted
If You’re Short-Sighted
Pearly White eye shadow from Kosmos Paris; mascara from Yves Saint-Laurent

Your lenses tend to make your eyes appear smaller, so you’ll need to master a few tricks for a wide-eyed look. Choose a “false lashes” mascara to add both length and volume, but make sure your lashes don’t brush against your lenses. To make your eyes appear larger, apply a pearlescent white eyeshadow to your lids, starting with the inside corner of the eye. You can then blend in darker colours on the outer edge of your lids for a shaded effect that intensifies your look. Avoid using a dark liner on your lower lash line as this will only make your eyes appear smaller. Opt for a white or nude liner instead. 

If You’re Farsighted
If You’re Farsighted
Concealer from Sephora; eyeliner from Avon

When you wear your glasses, your eyes appear bigger and stand out. However, you’ll need to pay attention to dark circles and invest in a good under-eye concealer. Apply it evenly so it blends in seamlessly with your skin tone. You can play with darker eyeshadows or even a smoky eye look to bring out the colour of your eyes. Volumizing mascara is a great choice, of course, but don’t apply too much or your lashes will brush against your lenses.

If You Have Astigmatism
If You Have Astigmatism
Eyeshadow from The Body Shop – “Down to earth” palette; eyeliner from Sephora

Corrective lenses for people with astigmatism can slightly deform the eye. Your best friend is eyeliner, which allows you to redefine the contours of your eyes. When it comes to eyeshadow, avoid darker colours but feel free to play with shading that complements your eye colour.

More Tips

  • Your frames won’t cover your eyebrows, so don’t neglect them. Pluck any stray hairs and use an angled brush to apply a brow shadow in a slightly darker shade than your natural colour. This will help bring out your eyes.
  • Are your frames black? A bright lipstick will make you stand out in a crowd!
  • Prefer understated frames? Opt for nude eyeshadow and a light eyeliner.


Some Essentials for Your Makeup Kit

  • Under-eye concealer, especially if your glasses have a “magnifying” effect that will highlight dark circles, as for farsightedness.
  • Blush to highlight your cheekbones.
  • Lipstick to balance out your look: choose a light shade if your eye makeup is darker, and a darker shade if you opt for a more natural look.
  • An angled brush to highlight your eyebrows.

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