Kids Eyewear: A World as Fashionable as Technical

Frames for children are designed with kids in mind—flexible hinges for safe play, hypoallergenic materials, and ergonomic shapes adapted to fit toddlers’ faces. These technical features are all important considerations when buying a pair of children’s frames. But there’s another major factor to consider: style. Kids won’t wear their glasses unless they love them!

The beginning of the school year is a chance for kids to get a fresh start, which is why some even decide what to wear on the first day back weeks in advance. The right glasses can be a comfort and give them the confidence to get through the day. Here are some of the design features to consider when shopping for glasses, seen through a few of our favourite frames.

Acetate Frames
Les acétates
From left to right: Eleven Paris 97-62, Little Eleven Paris 52-66 and Eleven Paris 100-69

Kids love to wear colours, which is great because the acetate blends we have for children’s frames are true works of art. Among them, you’ll see frames with bands of acetate in different colours, for a look that really pops. Vibrant blues, purples, reds, and greens can really brighten up a child’s face. Tortoise shell isn’t just for adult frames—kids’ frames with bright colors and whimsical flecked patterns are very popular.

Frame Shape
Les formes
From left to right: Mexx 5929-200, Disney Princess 80-68 and Star Wars 24-6

Frames for young children tend to be fairly square-shaped (same height and width) to ensure the child’s vision is centred no matter where they look. As children get older, the range of styles and shapes available expands. Round frames, for example, are very in right now. It’s a timeless shape that won’t go out of fashion any time soon.

Fun Details
Les détails
From left to right: Star Wars 16-7, Little Eleven Paris 27-13, Disney Princess 60-69 and Little Eleven Paris 59-13

The nice thing about children’s frames is you can add little playful details that are sure to make kids smile. Some of the models in the Star Wars collection have temple tips that look like lightsabers. The unique temples on the frames in the Eleven Paris collection combine floral patterns or a jean texture with clever hashtags. For a more subtle look, some models have patterns on the inside of the temples. We’re also seeing metallic details on temples.

Classic Frames
Les classiques
From left to right: Nike 5513-485, Lacoste 3620-526 and Eleven Paris 73-1

Not all kids like colourful eccentric frames! Some prefer not to draw too much attention to their glasses and would rather have classic, more subtle frames. The Lacoste and Nike children’s collections offer frames that are still comfortable but have a more mature look. There are also styles with metal temples, which makes the frames seem a little more grown‑up. Finally, dark acetates can help age up a frame.

Head to the Opto-Réseau clinic nearest you to find the perfect frame to suit your child’s needs. No matter your child’s prescription, tastes, or face shape, our optical stylists will help you find a frame they’ll want to wear every day.