Four Types of Sunglasses for Your Best Summer Yet

As you already know, UV rays are very harmful to your eyes. And there’s nothing more annoying than having to squint or shade your eyes from the blinding sun with your hand. The sun will be shining bright this summer (we hope so, anyway!) so it’s important to make sure your eyes are protected every time you go outside. Let’s look at four types of sunglasses for your best summer ever!

Everyday sunglasses

For everyday use, choose a pair with clean lines that will go with all your outfits and that you can take anywhere—in the car, to the office, on a weekend getaway, or out and about with the kids. Frames in a neutral shade of brown, grey, black, or tortoiseshell, with dark colours or a transparent effect work well with a variety of looks. For an easy transition to your regular glasses, choose prescription lenses for your sunglasses. Then you simply have to switch pairs when you go out or come back to the office. Whatever your prescription, you can get sunglasses made just for you.

 1- @fabianlueck1 (Lacoste)

 2- Carrera

 3- Mexx

 4- Longchamp

Sports sunglasses

Summer’s the perfect time for all sorts of outdoor pursuits like running, hiking, cycling, and water sports. There are different types of sunglasses for whatever you’re up to. For example, did you know that you can pair sports frames with photochromatic lenses? This can be a huge help when you’re in a changing environment (such as a trail that is sometimes sunny and sometimes shady). You’ll have great vision and feel comfortable, all the time. French brand Julbo, a sports eyewear specialist, has a high-quality line of photochromatic glasses (Julbo Reactiv) for men and women. We recommend polarized lenses for water sports or spending time by the water.

 1- Julbo

 2- Oakley

 3- Julbo Reactiv

 4- Nike

Festival eyewear

It’s festival season! Whether you’ve got tickets to an outdoor performance or an electronic music festival, why not try something a bit bolder and let your personality shine through? We have a host of sunglasses collections that are anything but ordinary. The bold shapes of Italia Independent, and the range of options from Gigi Barcelona will make you stand out from the crowd, as well as mirror style lenses and visor type sunglasses that follow the athleisure trend.

 1- Gigi Barcelona

 2- Italia Independent

 3- @marinabastarache

 4- Ray-Ban

Sunglasses for those special moments

Whether it’s your first date or a wedding anniversary, a discreet and minimalist style will highlight your natural charm. A round or cat-eye shape is ideal for women with smaller faces. Why not try some fun, coloured lenses, too? Pastels are very much on trend and will make a romantic picnic, sunset stroll, or dinner by the water’s edge unforgettable!

 1- Chloé

 2- Kate Spade

 3- 1880

 4- Salvatore Ferragamo

We hope we’ve given you some inspiration just in time for summer! To find the perfect sunglasses frame for your face, your needs, and your style, talk to an optical stylist at one of our clinics. Happy summer!