Precision1 Contact Lenses

Precision1 contact lenses: Easy to handle, comfortable to wear!

Precision1 makes wearing contact lenses easier and more comfortable than ever. Your next adventure is always around the corner! And when life picks up the pace, you can briefly put your glasses aside (or not) to enjoy the freedom of contact lenses.

Want to make the leap to contact lenses, but worried they might be uncomfortable or hard to handle? Precision1 lenses are what you’re looking for!

Modern technology, perfect for those new to contact lenses.

The technology that goes into Precision1 one-day contact lenses (available in spherical and toric lenses) makes them easy to handle, plus they deliver clear vision and dependable all-day comfort. Easy handling and zero maintenance (just throw them away at the end of your day) makes them perfect for those new to contact lenses or people with sensitive eyes.

Thanks to SMARTSURFACE® technology, each Precision1 lens is coated with a thin film of moisture. The lens’s high water content keeps your eyes moist and prevents discomfort due to dry eyes.

On top of freedom, comfort, and crystal-clear vision, Precision1 lenses also include a Class 1 UV filter. It blocks 99% of UV rays, so your eyes stay healthy and well protected, whatever your environment.

To try Precision1 lenses, consult to your Opto-Réseau professional.