clariti 1 day contact lenses from CooperVision

Better comfort and better vision day after day with clariti 1 day

Daily replacement contact lenses are undoubtedly an ideal choice for occasional wearers or those looking to achieve better eye health while eliminating the need for daily maintenance. The large family of clariti 1 day lenses can meet all correction needs, whether you are presbyopic or astigmatic.

Optimal performance that lasts all day.

Made with silicone hydrogel, clariti 1 day contact lenses provide your eyes with excellent oxygen supply. Being an essential element in maintaining the health of the surface of your eyes, this allows you to avoid eye redness caused by wearing contact lenses.

CooperVision’s WetLoc technology is built into clariti 1 day, ensuring that these lenses stay hydrated all day long, giving you added comfort over a long period of time, every day.

The health of your eyes is also taken into account thanks to the UVA and UVB rays protection filter of the clariti 1 day lenses.

To try these lenses, consult your Opto-Réseau professional.