Zeiss Individual SmartLife lenses

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Individual SmartLife progressive lenses

With its IndividualFit and Luminance Design technologies, Zeiss lenses are designed to take into account the wearer’s lifestyle and the natural change in pupil size in response to different amounts of light.

The ideal lens for any brightness

To help the wearer see better in different levels of light, this progressive lens was designed to help manage anomalies in distance vision. It takes into account the fact that the pupil is larger in low light to ensure you always have optimal vision without having to make an extra effort to focus.

Whether you’re driving during the day or at night, you can count on Individual SmartLife lenses to be comfortable and give you clear vision, no matter how much light there is. Because the distorted areas in your distant field of vision are controlled, your distance vision is sharp, clear, and unobstructed, just like your intermediate and near vision.

For optimal results, Zeiss products are also designed for three different visual profiles. The Near lens is perfect for people who use their near vision regularly.

The Intermediate lens is ideal for those who rely heavily on their middle vision, such as people who work on a computer and need to frequently alternate between different viewing distances.

Finally, the Balanced lens is optimize for active people who use their three visual areas equally, offering stable vision for eyeglass wearers who are always on the go.

Talk to your Opto-Réseau professional today to find out which version of the Individual SmartLife lenses is right for you!