Xperio Polarized and Tinted Sun Lenses from Essilor

The Xperio collection

Xperio sun lenses from Essilor provide excellent UV protection to help keep your eyes healthy and keep you looking great, thanks to an impressive range of styles and colours.

Tinted sun lenses

Xperio tinted lenses are the perfect choice to completely protect your eyes from UV rays. Find the tint that works best for your everyday activities and pair it with a Crizal Mirrors Sun coating for a stylish, colourful look.

Polarized sun lenses

Xperio polarized lenses provide unbelievable clarity for all your outdoor activities and deliver 75% better contrast. They reduce glare from surfaces like water and snow to provide clear and comfortable vision.

Available with frames of all sizes

The Xperio collection is available on all Essilor prescription products.

If you’re looking for sunglass frames—which are often much more cambered—Essilor’s Varilux Stylistic (progressive) and SV Stylistic (single vision) products are the best options to consider. These lens are available in your prescription and can be manufactured with a more pronounced curve while still maintaining excellent vision quality. When you choose Stylistic Xperio lenses, you benefit from a curved sunglass frame that optimizes sun protection and delivers excellent vision.