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New St-Laurent et Anne & Valentin collection now available!

Where passion and professional services meet!

In February 2017, Dr. Valérie Bardier and Dr. Joël Godin, optometrists, officially acquired Centre visuel Hélène Fournier, member of the Opto-Réseau banner, located at 351, boulevard Gagné in Sorel-Tracy.

After 35 years of practice, Dr. Hélène Fournier, optometrist, transferred her clinic to Dr. Valérie Bardier and Dr. Joël Godin, two young entrepreneurs ready to take over. The two optometrists have been practicing at Centre visuel Hélène Fournier since 2012 and 2010, respectively. ‘ A Sorel-Tracy native myself, it is out of love for my region that I chose to come back to settle there after my studies’ Dr. Bardier, optometrist and co-owner.

Same team at your service

‘We assure our current patients that they will find the same quality of service they are used to with Dr. Valérie Bardier, optometrist, Dr. Carole Maillette, optometrist, and myself’ says Dr. Joël Godin, optometrist and co-owner. Futhermore, our eye care professionals can count on the support of their team of five opticians and five assistants.

New frames!

In the last few weeks, we’ve introduced Saint Laurent et Anne & Valentin collections, both for clear glasses and sunglasses with or without prescription. Favorite brands such as Chloé, Maui Jim and Blackfin are always put forward at the clinic.

The clinic has recently acquired a new technology, Myah, to diagnose and control myopia among children. Request an appointment with your optometrist.

Centre visuel Bardier Godin

In continuity with the services offered to you for 35 years, at Centre visuel Bardier Godin you will find highly qualified and passionate professionals who are entirely present to listen to you, understand your needs and offer you the right solutions. The entire team works in unison so that patients are fully satisfied with their visit and purchase.

Using state-of-the-art technological equipment, Centre visuel Bardier Godin offers a complete range of eye care services for all members of the family. If you are interested in making an appointment, do so by calling 450 743-1010, or request an appointment online.

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