Frames that satisfy the desires and aspirations of millennials

For the millennial generation, the balance between aspirations and the search for stability in everyday life is not easy to achieve. Yet these aspirations are complementary and can be combined to form a balanced whole. It is on this dichotomy that the OTP collection, One True Pair, finds its raison d'être.

With a style inspired by this duality, OTP frames combine different elements that complement each other, such as modern shapes and soft colours, to meet the desires of millennials. This collection, for women and men, is full of energy and softness. The frames feature a personal, frank and unpretentious style, and will appeal to cautious but go-getter minds.


In terms of eco-responsibility, OTP emphasizes sustainability by manufacturing frames from recycled biodegradable acetate and using recyclable nose pads. The brand is also committed to providing biodegradable shells as well as sustainably manufactured packaging and cases.

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