New Glasses: A Unique Gift Idea for Yourself or a Loved One

18 December 2023

New Prescription Glasses – Treat Yourself to the Pair of Your Dreams

Your eyes deserve the best, and the holiday season is the perfect time to take care of yourself and indulge. Have you been eyeing a Gucci, Saint Laurent, or Sandro frame? Why not treat yourself to your festive favorite?

A new pair of glasses makes the ideal gift as it combines style with practicality. It's a fashion accessory and an essential tool that accompanies you every day. By visiting our clinic, you gain access to a selection of high-quality frames, including collections from renowned French eyewear creators like Morel, Italian artisans such as Made in Cadore, and Spanish designers like Woodys.

On-site, you also benefit from the expertise of our visage specialists. They will guide you through the fitting session to help you find a frame that complements your face, offering a customized adjustment for optimal visual comfort.

Sunglasses – The Perfect Gift for a Loved One

Searching for an original gift idea for a fashionista friend, a golf-loving father, or a brother seeking your opinion on his next pair of sunglasses? We're here to help you find the perfect accessory that matches their tastes and specific needs.

By asking the right questions, our clinic experts will guide you through a diverse selection of sunglasses, including chic, classic, extravagant frames, and those with proven technical aspects designed specifically for sports.

Among our team's favorites, here are some models available at all our clinics:

Panos frame | Woodys

Designed in Barcelona, Spain, Woodys frames are crafted from recycled skateboard decks, inspired by the founder and CEO Joseph Dosta's hobby. Committed to sustainability, each frame undergoes a manufacturing process with over 100 steps.

See the frame
LNV128S frame | Lanvin

Founded in 1889 by Jeanne Lanvin, the Lanvin house started as a hat workshop in the iconic Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré in the heart of Paris. Lanvin's unique vision of Parisian luxury, translating experiences worldwide into haute couture, has contributed to the enduring success of Lanvin, the oldest French fashion house.

See the frame
PIAF frame | Kaleos

Every six months, Kaleos launches a new collection of surprising and eclectic models, setting trends and transcending preconceived style notions. These hand-assembled and molded frames from Spain combine contemporary taste and functionality.

See the frame

If you're tempted to treat yourself to this exceptional gift, remember that you can also add your prescription to your next pair of sunglasses.

A Gift that Brightens the Eyes – Testimonial Included!

As the holiday season approaches, our team had the privilege of collaborating with the delightful Catherine Gosselin once again. She visited the Centre visuel Bardier Godin in Sorel-Tracy for a personalized fitting session to treat herself to a new pair of sunglasses.

Guided by our team's advice, she found the perfect pair that met all her needs. Catherine shares, "I was welcomed so well again at Opto Réseau. Their staff is friendly and very attentive to our needs. I salute Valérie for her patience during my fittings."

She ultimately chose a frame from the Woodys collection, the Mélani model. As it's part of our Editorial Collection, you can try it on or purchase it at all Opto-Réseau clinics.

We took the opportunity of her visit to discuss "Winter Fashion" and learn about her winter essentials. According to Catherine, a successful holiday season involves baking traditional Christmas cookies with her little sister, organizing simple themed activities for her son, and watching classic Christmas movies.

From a fashion perspective, Catherine believes a perfect winter outfit includes a long coat, a large scarf, a textured beanie, and a beautiful pair of sunglasses. According to her, the main advantage of shopping for sunglasses in a clinic is the quality of the products offered. Whether summer or winter, Catherine claims she can't do without sunglasses to protect her eyes from rays, especially while driving.

Want to protect your eyes with style like Catherine? Plan your fitting session by scheduling an appointment today.


To find the best pair of prescription glasses or sunglasses for your needs, book an appointment at your Opto-Réseau clinic. Our eyecare professionals will be more than happy to help you pick the frames and lenses that are perfect for you!