4 Key Tips to Choose the Right Color for Your Photochromic Lenses

15 November 2023


Once you've experienced life with photochromic lenses, going back is often a challenge. This technology offers unparalleled versatility, glare management, and optimal visual comfort indoors and outdoors. Despite the constant advancements from leading lens manufacturers, the array of color and finish options can be overwhelming. To assist you in choosing the right color during your next visit, here are the four types of photochromic lens wearers.

The Subtle

For those who want lenses that subtly change tint outdoors while maintaining a discreet appearance, opt for shades like gray, brown, or amber. Transform your glasses by choosing a slim frame with solid tones and timeless design. Many clear frames offer a versatile look that, once tinted, appears designed for sunglasses. Favorites include classics with slightly square shapes or aviator-style frames.

The Extravagant

If you have a strong personality and love to stand out, photochromic lenses are undoubtedly for you as they turn heads. The lens color can completely transform a frame's appearance! Did you know that sun frames can also be equipped with smart tinted lenses? Imagine purple or blue lenses on a Lanvin sun frame. An already exquisite frame becomes an unparalleled fashion accessory.

For a bold look, consider adding lenses that darken to a frame with already eccentric colors, textures, or shapes. For instance, brown photochromic lenses for this Calvin Klein tortoise frame or lenses transitioning from clear to blue for this oversized Chloé frame.

The monochrome

Another emerging trend is the monochrome look, where a prominent color creates a refined and striking appearance. This trend extends to your glasses! Many choose to match the color of their magical lenses with that of the frame.

Here are some of our favorite mix-and-match combinations:

Brown or amber lenses

The Cautious

Some photochromic lens wearers prefer sticking to the same color either because it complements their face or they prefer more understated shades like gray or amber. Our face shape and color experts at the clinic are ready to demonstrate how quickly photochromic lenses darken and lighten. They're also available to help you choose a color that complements both your frame and style.

Explore the benefits of photochromic lenses or try them out by scheduling an appointment at your Opto-Réseau clinic.


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