Take Your Style to the Next Level with Transitions Lenses

Have you heard about Transitions light intelligent lenses that darken when you step into bright light? These fashion-forward lenses come in different colours and styles to suit all tastes and can be paired with any frame. With sunny days ahead, Transitions lenses are the must-haves of the summer.

Transitions lenses offer great protection and comfort in any kind of light. Our specialist Marilyn Fillion, optician and co-owner of our Opto-Réseau clinic in Fabreville, recommends them to anyone looking for fashionable, one-of-a-kind glasses that will also protect their eyes. Here are Marilyn’s hot tips for choosing the Transitions lenses that are right for you.

A stylish way to protect your eyes

Transitions lenses work with almost any prescription and frame, whether it’s thick or thin, dark or brightly coloured. They can be used to punch up translucent or thin metal frames—which are very popular right now—to take your style to the next level.

Marilyn Fillion agrees: thanks to the new colours, it’s never been so easy to create stylish looks. If you’re looking to stand out, look no further—these lenses are all you need to create an eye-catching look that’s all your own.

Verres Transitions Style Colors Saphir

Lenses Style Colors Sapphire

Verres Transitions Style Mirrors Or Flash

Lenses Style Mirrors Flash Gold

Verres Transitions Style Colors

Lenses Style Colors Emerald

Verres Transitions XTRactive Style Mirrors Bleu violet

Lenses  XTRactive  Style Mirrors Violet Blue

The shades in the Style Colors collection are perfect for men and women looking to show off their bold and confident personality with statement glasses. Marilyn says these colours are right on trend, what with 90s fashion and coloured lenses being back in style.

The Amethyst lenses add a feminine touch to the frame, while the Amber creates a more subtle, understated look.

Going for a trendy look that will turn heads? Mirror lenses stand out in a crowd and reflect your bright personality, without being dazzled. When worn indoors, the mirror effect is very subtle. The lenses start to darken when they’re exposed to bright light and the mirror effect kicks into gear.

The Silver, Flash Gold, and Copper lenses create a more classic, confident look, while the Blue Violet and Blue Green lenses add a fun pop of colour.

Why choose photochromic lenses?

The brightness of the spaces you’re in can vary and you might not even notice it, but your Transitions lenses will. They darken in bright light and when exposed to UV rays, transitioning from clear to dark. They block out 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays to reduce eye fatigue and provide you with optimal vision and comfort. 

The Transitions collection has features to carry you through your entire day, from morning walks and lunchtime picnics to unwinding on the patio in the evening. These lenses make it easy to have great style and protect your eyes from UV rays.

Verres Transitions Style Colors Saphir

Lenses Style Colors Sapphire

Verres Transitions Style Colors Améthyste

Lenses Style Colors Amethyst

Verres Transitions Style Colors Émeraude

Lenses Style Colors Emerald

Verres Transitions Style Colors Ambre

Lenses Style Colors Amber

If you’re looking for fashionable glasses that are comfortable to wear in any brightness and also protect your eyes from UV rays, then Transitions lenses are for you! Our optical stylists can help you find the right lenses. Just make an appointment at the clinic nearest you.

The perfect summer look can be yours!

Thanks to Marilyn Fillion, optician and co-owner of the Opto-Réseau clinic in Fabreville, for sharing her tips on how to choose the right Transitions lenses.