Minimalist style

Minimalist adjective

Extreme spareness and simplicity.

Synonyms :
bare, simplified, unadorned, refined

« Less is more » – Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, architect

Sometimes you just want to let loose and go with a standout pair of frames. But just like the little black dress, a pair of somber, refined pair of glasses is also a must.

Many people seem to be embracing minimalism because more and more clients come to us seeking a more simplistic design for their eyewear.

And it should be no surprise that the minimalist style is becoming increasingly popular since it is popping up in modern, contemporary trends.

The art of minimalism

By going with a minimalist design, you’re going back to basics. You’re avoiding any superfluous elements and focusing on the raw beauty of the structure. Minimal frames, enhanced elegance.

Mirroring the minimalist lifestyle, these frames are intended to provide a spartan, muted look. Which is good news for anyone shopping for a light pair of frames.
First literally, since a minimalist pair of frames is designed with ultralight materials such as titanium, thin metal strips, and transparent acetate.
Moreover, because minimalism is a sober style, no cumbersome components will weigh down the frames and press heavily on your nose or ears.

It’s all about the lines

Light in the figurative way as well because the minimalist frame features a sparse design beautifully blending refined lines and delicate curves that will soften your facial features.

By going with a frame with neutral colours and spartan aesthetics, you’ll be placing the emphasis on your eyes, not your frames.

Find a pair of minimalist frames

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