Choose the best glasses for your complexion

by Isabelle Gauvin
President and stylist, Isabelle Gauvin et stylistes

There are a multitude of skin tones, as evidenced by the Humanæ artistic project from photographer Angelica Dass, which combined skin tones with colours from the Pantone chart.

To choose the best glasses for your skin tone, you must first define its shade (light, medium, dark) and then determine if your skin is warm, cool or neutral. A little trick to determine if your skin is warm (yellowish), cool (pinkish) or neutral (greenish)? Try on jewelry. If gold fits you better, your skin tone is warm, but if silver or platinum suits you, then your skin tone is cool. If any of these look good on you, your skin tone is neutral and you can wear pretty much any colour.

What about glasses?

Individuals with a pale and warm complexion can opt for warm colors like soft pink or more saturated colours like cypress green and bourbon brown. For people whose complexion is pale and cold, pink with a blue tint, ivory and other pale vintage colours are preferred. Amber and yellowish greens should be avoided.

For a medium and warm complexion, opt for warm tortoise and mahogany or bright colors with an orange tint. Individuals whose complexion is medium and cool will prefer mineral bluish greens and navy, as well as bluish reds like cherry or cranberry.

People with dark and warm complexions will look better with mahogany and tortoise or bright reds and orange tones, while cool and dark complexions will come to life when paired with black, dark blue, onyx, navy, bluish green (forest green) and purple/eggplant  frames.

Photo credits : Angelica Dass and Isabelle Gauvin et stylistes


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