A spotlight on GIGI Studios

Discover 3 interesting facts about GIGI Studios, a renowned brand that has been creating frames beloved by thousands of consumers across the world.

1- Spanish origins

GIGI Studios, formerly known as GIGI Barcelona, is a family-owned business that was founded by Fulgencio Ramo in 1962 in Poble Sec, Barcelona. The company is now headed by Patricia Ramo and sells its products in more than 45 countries. Their wide selection of clear frames and sunglasses have become popular with people of all ages thanks to their innovative, modern design and artisanal manufacturing techniques.

2- Artisanal manufacturing and principles

a. A complex process

Every pair of frames GIGI Studios produces is handcrafted using cutting-edge technology. Even though the team meticulously oversees each of the 100 steps necessary to produce a single pair of frames, the team at GIGI Studios is always willing to collaborate with external professionals.

GIGI Studios recognizes the value of a partnership between designers and artisans. By focusing on traditional techniques instead of mass production – but without compromising on the highest standards of quality – the brand has been able to produce sustainable, high-end products.

b. Des matériaux sélectionnés avec soins

For the past several decades, the brand has stood out in the industry because it provides consumers with a selection of sophisticated yet affordable products. At GIGI Studios, accessibility is synonymous with quality. That’s why they never compromise in any step of the production process, be it during the design phase or when choosing materials.

Whether it’s Italian-origin (Mazzuchelli) or Japanese (high density) acetate, German nickel-free stainless steel, Japanese titanium or beta titanium, or even internally designed hinges and stems, every component and material used in a GIGI Studios pair of frames has been carefully selected for its quality. This process is done in collaboration with experts, all with the goal of producing a pair of frames that meets the brand’s highest standards of quality.

c. A sophisticated look

GIGI Studios designs frames in every style, from bold to refined, and is always up on the latest trend. Their unique, dynamic brand aesthetics are reflected in their various product lines. Their designer frames and sunglasses are divided into 5 main collections: Vanguard, Icons, Lab, Teens, and Men.

VANGUARD | Harmony between a bold design, refined lines, and trendy colours.

ICONS | A new twist on classic designs.

LAB | Expressive refinement meets cutting-edge technology.

TEENS | Sophistication for smaller faces.

3- A new line for men

Even though several of GIGI Studios’ frames are gender neutral, the brand released a line of frames and sunglasses exclusively for men in 2020. GIGI Studios Men features a selection of sophisticated products that deliver a trendy look, a robust design, and optimal comfort to meet the needs of the modern man.

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