Nikon’s SeeMax Ultimate progressive lenses

SeeMax Ultimate is the first lens to take into account the sensitivity of the wearer. Nikon’s patented Insights technology means your progressive lenses can be tailored to your visual needs as well as your preferences and visual habits.

Lenses that take into account the sensitivity of the wearer

Even though distortion areas can never be fully eliminated, the design of the SeeMax ultimate lens takes into account your tolerance for distortions and positions them where they are the least distracting for you so you can see comfortably and adapt more easily.

To design a basic lens, the glass is first worked and then cut and inserted into the frame. With Nikon’s SeeMax range, the lens is only worked on the surface that will be inserted into the frame. Efforts are focused on the lens in its final form, without any loss of precision, giving the wearer sharper vision and better overall visual performance.

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