Visibility on eco-responsibility

We approach ecology like we approach optometry: with care.

We bet on our natural affinities with the brands, manufacturing houses and eyewear makers who produce, according to the rules of the art, frames and exceptional lenses. We closely monitor the composition, origin, durability and life cycle of the products that find their place in our collections. And it is with pride that we offer a showcase for the environmental initiatives of our suppliers.

The two prisms through which Opto-REseau considers the issue of eco-responsibility. They inform us about the choice of partners, products and programs that we select and put forward.


We collaborate with suppliers which, through their manufacturing processes, make sustainability a priority: local sourcing, preservation of natural resources, reduction of waste, low-emission transport, parts replacement and repair, engagement with social and environmental non-for-profit organizations. Among the designers with whom we work, many invest in making eco-responsibility part of their manufacturing methods.


Among the brands that fill our displays, an ever-increasing number offer frames and contact lenses designed with an intention to reduce polluting materials. Bioacetate*, recycled nylon* and biosourced resins* are among the most innovative solutions. Some manufacturers prefer EconylMD* or even recycled metal or plastic. Even biodegradable cases and packaging printed with natural inks are among the options offered by our suppliers.

We gather the products which meet one or other of these criteria to facilitate their identification, online and in store, when trying on.

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In several of our clinics, we also see to reducing the waste for which we are responsible and recovering contact lenses and frames. Because ultimately, each of these gestures, even the smallest, consolidates our reasoned approach to eyewear, an approach that encourages patients to consume better by opting for quality products, manufactured conscientiously and that stand the test of time.

Some useful details

Bioacetate is a renewable, biodegradable, non-toxic and non-polluting material composed of organic plant-based plasticizer.
Recycled nylon (or polyamide)
This fiber made from used nylon that is crushed and melted is an alternative solution virgin nylon which requires substantially less water and energy.
Biosourced resin
Also called natural resin, this plant material is used to replace petroleum-based plastics in the manufacture of frames.
100% recycled and recyclable nylon fiber made from plastic waste, like bottles and fishing nets, collected from the oceans. This textile is obtained by a grinding and fusion process patented by the Aquafil company.
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