Harmony Optimize Contact Lenses from CooperVision

Designed for your connected lifestyle

We now live in a digital world. Harmony Optimize are the new contact lenses that combine the natural wettability of Aquaform  technology with the innovative principle of Digital Zone Optics.

Aquaform technology helps relieve the dryness associated with digital eye strain. This technology attracts and holds water all over the lens material to retain moisture even when the person blinks less.

And what is the Digital Zone Optics optical principle?

  • Multiple aspherical curves on the anterior surface are deployed over the entire optic zone.
  • These curves distribute power evenly to simulate more positive power at the center of the lens.
  • Adaptation is facilitated without having an effect on distance vision.
  • Lenses fit like single vision lenses.

To try out Harmony Optimize contact lenses, consult an Opto-Réseau professional.