Frames with a pioneering style that combines dynamism and comfort.

In 2003, two friends from the fashion world launched their line of tee-shirts. These are the beginnings of the young French brand ELEVENPARIS which nowadays offers a complete collection for women, men and children. The collections are inspired by the emerging and singular artistic currents spotted all over the world.

Women's ophthalmic frames have a bold creative style, combining dynamism and comfort while recalling the contemporary cool tone of the brand's ready-to-wear collections.

The models, with minimalist lines and an offbeat look, play on the mix of genres to delight demanding personalities.

As part of its shift to more environmentally friendly manufacturing in recent years to limit its impact on the planet and make things better for future generations, this collection focuses on reducing its carbon footprint, moving away from plastic, developing more sustainable products, and using eco-friendly materials.


In terms of eco-responsibility, Elevenparis uses durable materials that extend the life of products. The hinges are made with interchangeable flex OBE UNO 3.00mm technology. They are 60% recycled. Some frames are made of bio-acetate and recycled metal.

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3 Colors