The Inside Story of an Italian Eyewear Designer Workshop

08 March 2024
Always on the lookout for the latest optical trends, the Opto-Réseau team attended the 2024 edition of Silmo Paris. We took advantage of our time in Europe to meet with Susi and Tiziano Tabacchi from Immagine98, a design and eyewear manufacturing firm located in the heart of the Italian eyewear cradle, the Dolomites.

Passion Leads to Quality

The Opto-Réseau team has met Susi and her brother before, but the passion, generosity, and undeniable expertise of these two luminaries never fail to impress. Hailing from the region where their workshop is located, Pieve Di Cadore, Susi and Tiziano are evidently still fueled by the same passion that led them to venture into business over 25 years ago.

The beginnings of their enterprise coincided with a crisis in the eyewear industry. At the time, this crisis had forced 200 eyewear manufacturers in the region to close their doors. Despite this challenging context, Susi and Tiziano's vision, as well as the unique character of their collections, undoubtedly have been the keys to their success.

As the commercial director, Susi is notably responsible for sales and exports. Immagine 98 collections are now distributed in nearly 30 countries, including Canada.

Tiziano, on the other hand, is in charge of creation and product development. Passionate about design from a young age, he leverages his experience to go beyond aesthetics by considering materials and the fit of frames on faces.

At Immagine98, creating a collection can take up to a year.


By visiting the workshop and discussing with the team on-site, we quickly realize that Susi and Tiziano have managed to create a perfect balance between their love for their craft and environmental respect. Each frame embodies the essence of quality and refinement.

On-site, each product is crafted by local artisans using innovative, high-quality materials and in compliance with the strictest environmental standards.

Beyond their remarkable aesthetics, these frames stand out for their sustainable aspect, as the firm maintains spare parts in stock beyond the warranty expiration.

Choosing an Immagine 98 frame means opting for much more than a simple accessory. It is to support a committed vision of the optical industry: award-winning designs, environmentally friendly materials, fair manufacturing practices, and products designed to last.


Immagine98 offers four distinct collections:


The company's original collection, which initially offered only sunglass frames, now expanded to include ophthalmic frames, offering extravagant and contemporary styles.


This collection merges retro styles with modern innovations, showcasing shapes inspired by the 1960s to 80s and precious materials like titanium.

MIC (Made In Cadore) 

Inspired by the Dolomites environment, this collection embodies the beauty and complexity of regional landscapes, offering unmatched design frames. Moreover, the logo represents the silhouette of a mountain range.


Exclusively available at Opto-Réseau, this collection combines timeless elegance with modern design, offering a variety of shapes and colors to suit all styles.


The I-Man frame collection is only available at Opto-Réseau clinics. Within the collection, there is a beautiful proposal of sometimes classic shapes and colors and other more vibrant palettes. The creations of this collection are pieces that present a duality between urban fashion and classic look.

To try out I-Man frames or to discover the collections and models available at your clinic, book an appointment today.


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