What are your frames made of?

15 March 2017

The choice of plastic, metal, titanium, acetate or carbon fibre will affect the shape, colour, weight and fit of your frames. The right choice for you, however, is highly subjective and will depend on your needs, lifestyle and personality. Or perhaps you already have a favourite. To learn more, read our quick overview of the most common materials.


If you prefer a discreet, barely there look, you’ll enjoy the finesse and lightness of metal, which makes for elegant, refined frames. Metal is also renowned for its strength and shock-resistance, making it an excellent choice for those of us who are clumsy!


In the same category, titanium is one of the lightest, most supple and robust materials available. It’s also hypoallergenic and is ideal for people who don’t tolerate certain metals, such as nickel. All these advantages, however, come at a price: titanium frames are a bit more costly than other kinds.  


The biggest advantage of plastic frames is that they come in a wide variety of shapes and fit all types of lenses. They also come in the largest range of colours. Thicker than other frames, plastic glasses tend to emphasize your facial features. They’re an affordable way to make a statement or add a touch of whimsy to your look.


This is the material of the moment! We love it for its style and high-quality finish. A type of plastic, acetate is made from plant-based materials like cotton, which makes it both flexible and resistant. Thanks to this flexibility, acetate frames come in all shapes, from simple lines to extravagant curves. It pairs well with any style! 

Carbon Fibre

Made from a mix of raw materials, carbon fibre frames are resistant, flexible and lightweight. It is often used for sporty frames, but comes in a limited range of colours for everyday styles. 


Used either raw or blended with other plastics, polyamide is most commonly found in sunglasses and sports glasses. These frames are much stronger and more flexible than regular plastic.

So, have you decided on a favourite yet?

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