My Teenager Hates Wearing Glasses!

08 February 2016

The teen years are all about experiencing freedom, and some teens feel that eyeglasses cramp their style. Do you have a teen who doesn’t like wearing glasses? If so, we have a few solutions for you!

It’s (almost) all about the look

Looks may not be everything, but they’re pretty high on any teen’s list. Think, for example, of your own high school days and the pressure to fit in, during an era when glasses were reserved for nerds. It wasn’t always easy. 

Happily, times have changed! Today, the academic look is in, “geek” glasses are all the rage, and the choice of frames has never been as varied. Even better, glasses have evolved into a fashion accessory that helps us express who we are.

A few practical tips

  1. Involve your teen in the choice of frames. Teens want glasses that reflect their own style and personality. If they make the final decision, they’ll like their frames and will wear them more. Of course, you should still establish a budget based on what you can afford.
  2. Suggest that your teen research the latest frame styles online. They can check out friends and celebrities on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and YouTube for inspiration and to find styles that appeal to them.
  3. Steer them towards a selection of frames that reflect their lifestyle. For example, a discreet frame might suit someone who’s more reserved.
  4. Take a few photos with your cell phone. Your teen can then take the time to choose the frames they like the best…and even get opinions from their closest friends.

Have an athlete in the house?

We’ve found that teens who play sports are sometimes hesitant to wear their glasses when active, often citing such reasons as:

  • “My glasses slide down my nose when I sweat.”
  • “My glasses fog up and I can’t see a thing.”
  • “My glasses keep getting caught on my helmet, and it’s so frustrating.”

Fortunately, protective glasses that offer style and are designed for athletes are available, so there’s no compromise made to looks, safety or performance. Click on this article for more information about how to protect the eyes when playing a sport.

Contact lenses that are replaced each day (the famous 1-day contact lenses) can also be a practical solution for the active teen. They require no maintenance, because they’re disposed of after each use and slide easily into a sports bag. Click on this article for more information about 1-day lenses.

Eye health – the clear priority

Topping all of these considerations is eye health. If you need a hand, your Opto-Réseau eye care professional will be pleased to help your teen choose the glasses that best fit his or her personality and lifestyle.

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To find the best pair of prescription glasses or sunglasses for your needs, book an appointment at your Opto-Réseau clinic. Our eyecare professionals will be more than happy to help you pick the frames and lenses that are perfect for you!