How to deal with sun glare in winter

13 February 2023

A common misconception about winter is that the sun’s rays are weaker than they are in the summer. In reality, the complete opposite is true: the sun’s rays reflecting off snow can damage your eyes. That means that the sun can be twice as dangerous in the winter. This season – and all year long – protect your eyes with our tips and tricks.


Without the right eye protection, you might end up suffering from ocular lesions and inflammation caused by the bright sun. In fact, UV rays increase the risk of cataracts and age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Moreover, the skin around your eyes is thinner and more fragile, making it more susceptible to skin cancer. That’s why it’s so important to make sure your eyes are adequately protected. Doing so will help you avoid putting your vision and overall health at risk. For more information about the dangers of UV rays, consult your eyecare professional.


The simplest way to reduce the amount of light that comes into contact with your eyes is to wear sunglasses. The moment you step outside, whether it’s sunny or cloudy, your sunglasses play a key role in protecting your eyes. Make sure your lenses offer UV protection and that they are certified UV400. The right sunglasses will protect you from UVA and UVB rays and thereby decrease your risk of developing eye disease.

Don’t forget to wear your sunglasses when you’re driving. Hoya’s EnRoute lenses as well as the DriveSafe line from Zeiss are designed to cut glare reflecting off your hood and the road. Making sure your vision is optimal will keep everyone on the road safe and protect your eyes. Two birds, one stone! Last but not least, don’t forget your sunglasses in your car – they might end up damaged from the heat which could reduce the efficiency of the anti-UV coating on the lenses.


The right frames and lenses make all the difference for your eyes. In terms of the former, you should pick a frame with large lenses and wide temples to protect your eyes and the sides of your face.

As for the lenses, there are plenty of options from major names such as Hoya, Nikon, Essilor, and Zeiss. Whether you want tinted, polarized, or light-reactive lenses, these brands have got you covered.


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Most brands offer tinted lenses in a variety of hues. Nikon, for example, produces tinted lenses in 5 different colours so you can pick the one that suits your personal preferences and daily activities. Nikon’s SeeSun is one of the best in its category with full UV protection thanks to a multilayer coating and anti-reflection on the backside of the lens.


Love winter activities or watersports? We recommend polarized lenses to block the light reflecting off horizontal surfaces. They are specifically designed to reduce glare from flat shiny surfaces such as water or snow while providing you with sharp, comfortable vision.


If you’re always on the go and spend a lot of time moving from indoors to outside and vice versa, you should consider light-reactive lenses. Because they adjust automatically to the surrounding brightness, you’ll never have to keep two pairs of glasses with you. The lenses are transparent inside and quickly darken in a bright setting. Popular options include Transitions by Nikon and Essilor, PhotoFusion X by Zeiss, and Sensity by Hoya.


Get in touch with your eyecare professional if you have questions or if you’d like advice about the products available at your clinic. Our experts will happily recommend the best options for you in line with your lifestyle habits and preferences. Book an appointment now.


To find the best pair of prescription glasses or sunglasses for your needs, book an appointment at your Opto-Réseau clinic. Our eyecare professionals will be more than happy to help you pick the frames and lenses that are perfect for you!