Eye exams

03 May 2021

A complete vision and ocular examination includes a patient’s eye case history, a refraction in which the optometrist measures the strength of the eyes, their focusing and coordination abilities, their intraocular pressure and visual fields.

The combination of these elements allows your eye care professional to make a diagnosis and formulate the appropriate recommendations.

Children Eye Care

A yearly eye exam is recommended for your child from the age of three to detect any health or visual acuity problems while also evaluating his or her visual maturity. An optometrist can, among other things, detect some symptoms of dyslexia and focusing or ocular coordination problems.

Children-specific treatments can also be suggested to treat visual discomfort stemming from strabismus or amblyopia.

Contact Lens Examination

Eye exams specifically designed for contact lenses users are provided at Opto-Reseau. We can fit flexible, rigid, toric, double vision and coloured lenses, either for daily or extended wear.

Case Monitoring

Should you suffer from refractive problems such as myopia or ocular conditions like glaucoma, we can monitor your case. Your eye care professional can also carry out pre and post cataract surgery follow ups, as well as investigate ocular manifestations of systemic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and multiple sclerosis.

Your Opto-Reseau optometrist will also comanage cases of refractive laser surgeries, which also require pre and post-op follow-ups.

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