Ergonomic Tips for Computer Work – Part 1

09 March 2021

It’s a well-known fact that, to avoid harming your physical and visual health when spending long hours in front of a computer screen, the right workspace setup is critical. We often start off with the best intentions—and posture—only to let it all slide as the day goes by. And the long hours of screen time can really take their toll on our health. Here are a few tips on making your screen and work surface more ergonomic.

Your screen
Your screen should be positioned directly in front of you. That way you won’t have to turn toward the screen, reducing the risk of eyestrain and neck, shoulder, and back pain. As for the ideal distance between your eyes and the monitor, it depends on your eyesight, age, and the monitor size and resolution. People often say that positioning your screen about an arm’s length away is a good rule of thumb. Also to combat eyestrain, you have to eliminate or at least minimize all sources of glare (e.g., don’t place your screen under a lamp). If possible, attach a light diffuser to your lamps and use a light-coloured screen wallpaper with dark characters. If you’re still experiencing eyestrain after all these adjustments, ask your optometrist about the best product for your situation.

Your work surface
Like with your screen, your work surface also needs to be adjusted. One thing you can do is keep all frequently used objects within easy reach (e.g., telephone, calculator). It’s also best to clear your desktop of any cumbersome items that can make it hard to adopt a natural posture. Make sure there is enough space around your desk to swivel your chair and move it forward and back to access any items you may need.
You also need to keep in mind that even with a correctly adjusted workstation, it’s important to vary your posture and occasionally look away from your screen to focus on a point further in the distance.

Stay tuned for our other ergonomic tips in upcoming blog articles.

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