On Trend: That Effortless French Look

There’s no denying that French fashion icons like Lou Doillon or Charlotte Gainsbourg have a certain je ne sais quoi that lends them a timeless charm. We often look to the French for style cues—that unpolished, yet sophisticated look that blends masculine and feminine elements is a must for women looking to create a modern, minimalist, effortless wardrobe. French fashion mixes classic, iconic silhouettes with refreshing modern designs.

The same words used to describe French style—clean, chic, effortless—could also be used to describe our exclusive Millésime collection.


Contrast Masculine/Feminine Elements

French women don’t just wear feminine pieces to create an appealing look. They often incorporate masculine pieces into their wardrobe to achieve a timeless yet modern look. Our Millésime frames are unisex and go with everything.


Forget What’s Trendy

France has given us the most coveted haute couture in the world, but the French also favour timeless pieces over passing trends. The focus is on personal style, rather than trends that anyone could adopt. As Coco Chanel once said, “fashion fades, only style remains the same.” Our Millésime frames stand the test of time, even as trends come and go.


Mix Patterns and Textures

Mixing patterns and textures is a great way to make any outfit pop. And no one does it better than the French! Frames with a matte, glossy, translucent, or brushed acetate finish can help to bring out your features. Tortoise shell or flecked frames in neutral colours are another classy option.


Balance Luxury with Thriftiness

Sometimes style is all about the details! French fashionistas aren’t afraid to buy classic items on sale so they can save up and invest in made-in-France designer pieces to complete their look. These standout items can be incorporated into your wardrobe to become signature pieces. Our Millésime frames are made from quality Mazzucchelli acetates and are certified “Origine France Garantie”. They’re made in the Jura, a region known for its expertise in eyewear.


Impeccable Fit is Key

No matter what you choose to wear, make sure it fits properly! The Millésime collection has perfectly proportioned frames that our expert stylists can adjust to fit you just the way you like. The frames in this collection are ideal for people with more delicate features who have trouble finding the right fit since so many of the options out there just aren’t designed for smaller faces.

Take French fashion to heart and check out this exclusive collection, available for a limited time at an Opto-Réseau clinic near you.