Eyeglasses cases: more than meets the eyes

An eyeglasses case is not necessarily the most visible fashion accessory. By the way, is it a fashion accessory? At Opto-Réseau, we believe that a beautiful glasses case can be as nice as a gorgeous wallet. After all, we take it out of our handbag often whether to get our glasses or put away our sunglasses. After all, elegance means not to leave anything to chance.


Attention to detail

When you buy new eyeglasses, your optometrist will give you the case provided by the frames’ company. It’s usually a simple plain colour case of excellent quality. Keep it. A discreet accessory is a must in a wardrobe. You can alternate with a more personalized and unique case sure to attract everyone’s attention. The Opto-Réseau team has three suggestions of cases created by talented designers.

1. Vintage look signed Pied de poule

Are you familiar with the cases of this Quebec brand that you can buy online? You’ll find on their site stylish cases at affordable prices. All cases are made of recycled fabric, which is a significant incentive to protect our planet! Also, you can place a special order on the website and choose from a wide range of fabrics.

2. An ultrachic version of a timeless leather case

Leather is by nature synonymous with quality and durability. It will never go out of style. Moreover, wear of time will even add to the beauty of the case. At Opto-Réseau, we fell in love with this unisex case from the Italian brand Maxwell Scott. At the top of elegance, it is made of vegetable leather, and the Velcro fastener prevents the glasses from being scratched. Also, its format even makes it suitable to store your mobile phone. 

3. Convenience at its best

Are you one of these persons that forget their belongings on a boutique counter or a restaurant table? Some fine leather designers have created the 2-in-1 glasses case and handbag tied to one another. A great option, but it means you must carry the same handbag all the time. For an alternative, visit the Bobino brand website. This designer creates ingenious products in modern colours, including a glasses case that you can attach to the inside of any of your handbags while adding a touch of charm.

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