Bold style

Bold adjective

Showing an ability to take risks, confident and courageous.

Synonyms :
courageous, daring, energetic, enterprising, intrepid, resolved

« The future belongs to the bold, the seekers, those who take risks. » – R. Vincent, author

Looking for the perfect fashion accessory to get you out of your comfort zone and make your look really pop? We’ve got just what you’re looking for: a pair of bold frames!

Frames that will make heads turn

For our optical stylists, a pair of bold frames means eyewear that stands out thanks to its colours, shape, or combination of surprising materials.

Have you always been interested in unique products? Do you like to stand out and make an immediate impression? Then you should think about a pair of frames that is oversized, designed with bright colours, or one with a distinctive pattern.

Check out our online catalog of frames to get an idea of the collections and models available at our clinics. You’ll find tons of inspiration and plenty of vivacious frames like those below.

Embrace your boldness!

The secret to an extravagant pair of glasses? A daring attitude! Dazzling frames need to be confidently worn. That’s because just like you, they’ll often steal the spotlight, so you need to be ready to embrace the compliments on your new frames that come your way.

Not sure if the bold look is right for you? Ask our eyewear experts for advice. Sometimes all you need to do is try on a pair of frames to discover that you’re ready to take the leap and wear glasses that bring you out of your comfort zone!

Find a pair of bold frames

Because our inventory varies from one Opto-Réseau clinic to the next, we invite you to create your own Inspirations list. That way, our optical stylists will be able to find frames you’ve picked online or ones similar to the style you’re looking for. Click here to book your next try-on session.