Unisex Fashion: Uncompromising Style


Unisex styles are making their way into more and more designers’ collections. Céline Dion’s Celinununu line of unisex children’s clothing is a perfect example. Among fashion designers, there’s a real sense that the movement will take off in the next few years and gain traction with consumers.


Why unisex?

Gender-neutral clothing and accessories free people up to go beyond typically “masculine” and “feminine” colours and patterns, giving them access to a much wider range of styles. The thinking in fashion is that each person should to be able to express their unique personality and style through the clothes and accessories of their choice, without gender-related limitations. After all, a woman can slay in a tuxedo, and some cultures have no problem with a man in a robe!

A little history

Two early proponents of androgynous fashion were Coco Chanel and French designer Ted Lapidus, the pioneer of ready-to-wear. Chanel feminized styles originally intended for men, like the military-inspired gold-button blazer and the tweed suit, at a time when tweed was largely reserved for Scottish and Irish menswear.

More recently it’s been designers such as Hedi Slimane and Rad Hourani leading the charge. Slimane feminized his menswear with slim cuts, skinny ties, and narrow trousers, and Hourani put out the first entirely unisex collection in 2007.

Unisex eyewear

In the world of frames, the trend is taking shape among houses such as John Lennon, Ray-Ban, Prodesign, Sandro, and Lacoste. Unisex frames feature simple, pared-down lines and lots of round shapes, which complement both men’s and women’s faces.

The trend toward androgynous eyewear is strongest where sunglasses are concerned, with aviators and oversized styles leading the charge. The “athleisure” aesthetic also makes more masculine frames appealing to women. Nike offers some good examples. Other brands such as Vuarnet, Calvin Klein, and Carrera also have unisex styles. 

So don’t be afraid to express your personal style, whether it comes from the men’s or the women’s section. To find the perfect frames, just ask for advice from one of our optical stylists in an Opto-Réseau clinic near you!