Top 3 Frame Trends to Keep an Eye on for Spring/Summer 2021!

Spring will truly be a breath of fresh air this year—sweet relief after a difficult and unusual year. But even in such dreary times, you can rest assured that the fashion industry will be there to brighten things up. This article reveals the top 3 trends to watch out for and keep in mind when buying your next pair of glasses!

1- Colours

Neutral tones—translucent and pastel—a happy mix

As winter transitions into spring, eyewear trends will shift to softer shades like nudes and pastels. Pinks, beiges, and muted browns will be in the spotlight.

In keeping with these delicate, natural tones, soft pastels are also a popular choice right now. Bright pastels were fashionable a few years back, now soft pastels are in style—definitely a must-have for your wardrobe (or frame collection) in 2021.

If you want delicate, then translucent is the way to go! As you can see with the two Longchamp models below, bold shapes and extra-large frames—which are in vogue this season—are offset by clear acetate frames, faded colours, and lighter tortoiseshells.

What about lens colours?

Sunglasses are following the trend of muted-colour frames. Gradients and less opaque tints complement frame colours. This makes changes in colour less abrupt, as seen with the Fysh frame below. Again, soft colours are key (catching on yet?).

When shopping for your next pair of eyeglasses, consider photochromic lenses. They add colour and personality.

With a wide range of tints to choose from, including different shades of brown and amber, light-adaptive lenses give you a bold and original look while ensuring your visual comfort. For more information on eye comfort, check out our article on photochromic lenses.

Longchamp frame 2660

Longchamp frame 645S

Fysh frame 2062

2- Shapes

Volume and soft angles—bold and smooth

As mentioned above, oversized frames and geometric shapes with curved edges like Almond by Gigi Studios are all the rage this spring. This rather extravagant trend is tempered by neutral colours and finer materials, especially for clear frames, as seen in the Porpora model from the X-Ide collection.

Fysh frame 2070

Gigi Studios frame Almond

X-Ide frame Porpora

As for sunglasses, although the frames are larger (for a more assertive look), lighter colour palettes and clear gradients help to soften the look while keeping it bold and fresh. An elegant design that turns heads. 

Fysh frame 2064

Gigi Studios frame

Longchamp frame


Longchamp frame 686s

Gigi Studios frame Tessa 

Calvin Klein frame 20131S

Another trend worth noting: retro shapes. That’s right! Vintage has been trending in recent years, and spring/summer 2021 is no exception. Round, cat-eye, and aviator frames are still popular with people of all ages.

Calvin Klein frame 20108

Lacoste frame 219SPC

Calvin Klein frame 21103

3- Materials and details

Acetate: Everyone’s favourite material this season

Since clear frames are in high demand, acetate is making a comeback in 2021. Material combinations are also very common now.

Acetate, textured plastics, titanium, and carbon fibre all meet consumers’ number one priority: lightness. Eyewear has become increasingly sophisticated over the years, but we now know that style and comfort must go hand in hand.

Attention to detail, the subtle presence of each brand’s signature, the lines, and the combination of materials all reflect this season’s top trends: sleek and refined. Model 682 from the KLiik denmark collection is a fine example of delicate lines and features. 

Lacoste frame 2767

Lacoste frame 2846

KLiiK denmark frame 682

KLiiK denmark

Bonus: Environmental responsibility is more than a trend; it’s a movement that must be supported!

We simply cannot conclude this colourful article without addressing something we’re sweet on and that affects our planet and all of us living on it: environmental responsibility.

As you know, more and more brands are now offering or developing eco-friendly and biodegradable products. This includes eyewear brands such as Dragon, Nike, and Esprit. However, unlike green production, which is long and complex to develop and implement, environmental responsibility is a movement and lifestyle that we can all embrace right away.

Environmental responsibility means buying ethical and sustainable products.

Frames are considered sustainable products when developed and designed with robust and repairable materials. They can also come with a parts warranty and must offer a timeless look or esthetic.

Frames are deemed ethical products when produced in a way that respects the environment (land, water, air, raw materials, etc.) and the people who produce them (working conditions, wages, health care, etc.). Eco-friendly products include the MIC (Made in Cadore) and I-Man frame collections, which are available in some Opto-Réseau clinics.

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