Sunglasses frames and 2021 urban trends: Jean-Michel Péloquin’s picks

A few weeks ago, the team at the Vision Line Barnabé Opto-Réseau clinic welcomed TV host Jean-Michel Péloquin for an eye exam and frame selection. Read on to discover our special guest’s favourites and see what’s hot in solar eyewear this season.

Jean-Michel Péloquin: Many hats and a zillion sunglasses

Jean-Michel Péloquin, the popular host of shows like Expat, Oui Surf and Bouffe MTL, is an athlete and a seasoned adventurer. He’s also a filmmaker, actor, and cinematographer whose travels have taken him to roughly 60 countries. Our team had him over for an eye exam and selection of new glasses, eagerly making the most of the opportunity to learn more about his impressive career and eyewear industry past.

Jean-Michel wears prescription eyeglasses in daily life, but he’s mostly into sunglasses.

Eye exam with optometrist Dr. Leclerc at the Vision Line Barnabé clinic

Jean-Michel and his glasses

Jean-Michel has had glasses since he started high school and also wore contacts for a number of years in his early twenties. But at the same time his passion for water sports was growing and contacts just weren’t working for him anymore.

Nowadays, Jean-Michel wears glasses for astigmatism and to correct his near vision (hypermetropia). But when you ask him, he’ll say it’s his sunglasses he can’t do without. He’ll tell you he wears sunglasses every day, rain or shine. With more than a dozen pairs in his collection, Jean-Michel says sunglasses are practically part of his face. When he hits the road to shoot Expat, for instance, he always packs at least four pairs.

Jean-Michel notes too that since suffering a concussion a few years ago, his eyes have become increasingly sensitive to light. Undoubtedly one more reason he never leave homes without his sunglasses.


Frame selection in clinic


Eyewear trends: Montreal to internationally

Before taking a look at 2021 urban trends here in Quebec, our team couldn’t resist asking Jean-Michel for some travel stories and any eyewear trends that might have influenced him from around the world.

First off, as a glasses wearer, Jean-Michel said he particularly appreciated his sunglasses on his trip to Thailand for protecting his eyes from all the dust and pollution in the air.  He also mentioned the Swiss Alps, where UV protection is essential amid those amazing snow-capped peaks. The snow dazzles you in more ways than one—reflecting up to 85% of UV rays.

But when it comes to fashion and creativity, South Africa is the place for Jean-Michel.  He described for us the bold shapes of the sunglasses he saw there and described neck straps (chains) made from recycled materials like bike inner tubes.

He also talked about his penchant for the latest hiking- and mountaineering-style sunglasses he’s been seeing with a sporty look and panoramic lenses. The Fury from Julbo below is a good example. And it’s one of Jean-Michel’s favourites.

The Fury from Julbo

Jean-Michel and the Fury

Jean-Michel and the Fury

Jean-Michel’s picks

Besides the Fury, Jean-Michel’s try-on had him wanting to take home various models from Dragon, Calvin Klein, Mexx, and Nike.

One interesting point (which goes to show that an in-clinic try-on can make all the difference) is that Jean-Michel told us at the beginning he wasn’t interested in frames with a double bridge. But to his surprise, when he tried on a prescription double-bridge model, the style really worked for him. In the end it was no surprise to find quite a few double-bridge sunglasses and eyeglasses among his final choices, including these, from Calvin Klein and Dragon.

Calvin Klein Collection

Dragon Collection

Julbo Collection

Dragon Collection

Although he started out looking for new sunglasses with a sober, modern style, Jean-Michel had fun trying on slightly flashier options, like the tortoiseshell Mexx 6450 and Nike Maverick below.

Homme se grattant les yeux

Mexx 6450

Gouttes oculaires

Nike Maverick

This season’s sunglasses trends to watch

The assertively sporty style of the Fury we saw above or the Nike Wndshld below is more and more in demand, not just among outdoor enthusiasts, but also among buyers—men and women alike—looking for a bold, techno look.

Other trends to look out for this spring, as seen with the women’s frames below, are oversized designs with rounded corners, neutral colors and lightweight materials like fine metals and acetate.

Nike Wndshld

Mexx 6461

Longchamp 140SL

Calvin Klein 20136S


For more 2021 trends in eyewear, see our recent article on the topic.

Expert help in making the right choice

Jean-Michel found out during his try-on session that choosing sunglasses is about more than picking frames. The tint and the treatment options you select will also affect the look of your sunglasses. It can be enough to make you dizzy, which is why it’s important to come in and try things on.

Our experts ask the right questions so they can steer you towards products that meet your needs and preferences.
As Jean-Michel said after his appointment, the advice and service of the clinic’s optical stylists help you weigh your options and choose what’s best for you.

Lens selection in the clinic

Fitting and test in clinic

service and advice from the clinic team

Lens selection in the clinic

To see Jean-Michel’s two final choices stay tuned and follow us on social media!

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Thanks to Dr. Anabelle Leclerc, optometrist, and her in-clinic team for their professionalism and their invaluable cooperation in putting together this project.