Say Hello to Colour!

Those grey winter days needn’t dictate your style. Why wait until spring to brighten your wardrobe? Especially when we’ve got the perfect accessory to colour up your life: a pretty pair of glasses! Here are 4 ideas for flashy frames in some of 2019’s hottest colours.



Neon is back, baby! Neon yellow and neon green are leading the pack this year. Two easy ways to get the look: as an accessory or paired with a more neutral colour. Either one will make your look brighter, bolder, and so much more fun!  

 1- camila coehlo 

 2- ASOS

 3- sies marjan

 4- WOOW eyewear


Primary Colours

From your nails to your whole outfit, primary colours can be worn alone or in twos and threes. Block colours are back in full force, so you can play around with mixing and matching primaries. This is one look that’s foolproof!

 1- @ferragamo

 2- @stephstonenails

 3- @roksanda

 4- mexx – 6347


Pretty in Pink

Magenta, coral, pastel…pink is everywhere, in every shade, which means there’s bound to be one that’s right for you. The trend received the official seal of approval when Pantone named Living Coral its 2019 Colour of the Year. We’re also seeing a lot of looks in pink monochrome.

 1- @katespadeny

 2- @blakelively

 3- sally lapointe

 4- neubau – carla



Use prints to pull together a unique, impactful look. Polka dots, scarfstyle prints, and animal prints like leopard and zebra featured heavily in the 2019 Spring collections of many a fine fashion house. Mixing multiple prints in a single outfit is also very much in vogue. If you’re ready to embrace the print, have a look at the Rye & Lye collection of frames.

 1- @katespadeny

 2- self-portrait

 3- beyoncé

 4- rye & lye – lollobrigida


Tinted Glasses

Why stop at the frames when you could have coloured lenses! With the trend toward minimal frames, tinted lenses are another good way to add colour to your look. This is especially true with sunglasses. Ask your optician about your options when choosing your next pair of sunglasses. Transitions photochromic lenses are also available in seven colours to match your frames: grey, brown, graphite green, emerald green, sapphire, amethyst, and amber.

 1- @transitionspro

 2- opal eyewear

 3- chloe

 4- nike – flatspot EV10


Ready to up your colour game? If you need a little guidance, our optical stylists can recommend the best styles for your look and personality. Head to one of our clinics for a vast selection of eyewear in every style.