4 eyewear trends for back-to-school-2021

Whether you have a little one starting preschool or a young adult in their final year of college or university, our on-site stylists are ready to help the two of you pick out the perfect pair of glasses. We’ve put together a list of the latest youth eyewear trends so you’ll know what to look for when you start shopping!

1 – 3 going on 30

Kids and teens are leaning heavily towards a more adult look these days and saying bye bye to more playful styles. We’re also seeing a strong interest in the twinning trend, where two friends or people from the same family coordinate or match their outfits or accessories.

Initially popular among twins and siblings, twinning has taken on a whole new dimension. These days it’s just as popular for parent/child duos, especially mothers and daughters. As you can see in the pictures below, mom will dress her little girl to match or coordinate with her own outfit.

Instagram @tartine.et.choclat

Instagram @tartine.et.chocolat

Instagram @jessmegan

Instagram @mamanfavoris 

Twinning was all the rage in the 70s and 80s, and now it’s back and bigger than ever.

For mommy-and-me eyewear, Chloé and Lulu Castagnette have some great options, with frames to fit little girls or smaller faces and adult frames to match. Kate Spade is also in on the trend with a tween/teen line for girls ages 8 to 16, inspired by the latest looks for adults.

Chloé frame

Chloé frame

Lulu Castagnette frames

Lulu Castagnette frame

2- Vintage styles and fashion legends

Fashion is cyclical, so we’re not surprised to see vintage and retro styles making a comeback this year for kids and adults alike. Round and aviator frames are back in high demand. 

Mexx frame

Star Wars frame

Lacoste frame

Levi’s, Converse, Calvin Klein, and other names that revolutionized the fashion world in the 90s are picking up the vintage trend and coming out with new licenced products. These major brands have come out with 2021 frame collections in throwback shapes and colours inspired by their “timeless style” narrative.

Converse is going strong with its iconic use of black and white:

Converse frame 

Instagram @converse

Converse frame

And Calvin Klein has turned out frames as comfy and easy to wear as your favourite jeans.

Instagram @calvinklein

Calvin Klein frame

Instagram @calvinklein

Calvin Klein frame

Jeans Clavin Klein

Calvin Klein frame

3- Neutrals and pastels forever

Transparent acetate and neutral gradients continue to turn heads. And because kid fashion is more heavily influenced by adult fashion than ever before, don’t be surprised if your child opts for a translucent look, too.  

Superflex frame

Converse frame

Superflex frames

Among ever-popular pastels, lilac is the colour to watch this fall. 

Life Italia frame

Superflex frame

Lulu Castagnette frame

Disney Princess frame

4 – Barely-there lines

Just like the older generation, today’s youngsters are all about comfort. Light-as-air frames and clean lines are big again this season. You can see a few of these options below in collections from OTP, elevenparis Boys & Girls, and Lacoste, among others.

Along with acetate, titanium and ultra-thin metal are hot commodities these days. 

Izumi Collection

OTP frames

Lacoste frames 

Eleven Paris Boys & Girls frame

Superflex frames

Lulu Castagnette frame

Finding the right eyewear for your child or teen

Now that you’re up to speed on the trends to watch for back-to-school this fall, schedule an appointment for your child to try a few pairs on in one of our clinics. Our stylists will assess their needs and choose the right pair of glasses for their face and all their other preferences.

Our wide variety of collections varies by clinic, and with brand names like Superflex, Calvin Klein, and Nike, your student is sure to find plenty of options to match their unique taste and style.

When you come in with your child to pick up their new glasses, our on-site opticians will adjust the fit for optimal vision and comfort, at home and at school. To see our frames or schedule a back-to-school eye exam for your student, contact the team at your Opto-Réseau clinic.