Under Armour glasses: First pick for sports

Now with its sunglasses and prescription lenses for the whole family, Under Armour has consolidated its place on the market and is now more than ever a sure bet for active people looking for proven high-performance products.

A quarter century of exceeding athletes’ expectations

Under Armour got its start in 1996 as the brainchild of University of Maryland football player Kevin Plank. A revolutionary new t-shirt design was where it all began. The “Shorty” could get rid of sweat faster than anything else in sports at the time.

Homme se grattant les yeux

Kevin Plank (J. Meric/Getty Images)

Gouttes oculaires

Le Shorty (source : Under Armour)

Less than 3 years later, in 1999, the company hit the big time after an appearance in the successful American movie Any Given Sunday. Under Armour took advantage of the platform offered by the hit film to clamber into a spot alongside the giants of the sportswear industry.

Any Given Sunday movie

In 2005 UA Tech™ was officially launched. Tech was fabric that looked like cotton, but its performance set it apart, and it still hasn’t stopped lifting Under Armour to new heights. In 2006 the brand set itself a new challenge as it set out to conquer the football shoe market, always with the same goal in mind—to provide performance solutions to make athletes better.

Innovative products to improve athletic performance

Under Armour continues year after year to surprise with products and innovations that continually redraw industry standards, whether in 2011 with UA Charged Cotton,® a unique blend of hydrophobic and hydrophilic fibre that dries faster than regular cotton, or in 2014 with the first running shoe ever made entirely in an apparel factory, the SpeedForm Apollo.

Among its latest innovations is a new sleepwear line. The fabric’s bioceramic print is inspired by the training routine of American football legend Tom Brady. Its soft inner pattern absorbs heat and reflects infrared rays (far infrared) back to your body. That helps improve your circulation and improves your sleep so you can recover faster.

And as you might have guessed, Under Armour’s sunglasses and ophthalmic lenses are true to type. They’ve been thought out and manufactured to exceed the expectations of consumers who demand well-made, high-performance products.

Under Armour glasses: The eyewear of champions

After years of success on the sports apparel and accessories markets, Under Armour recently came out with its first collections of prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses. Versatility, lightness, high-endurance specs, and easy adjustments are some of the hallmarks of the company’s frames and sunglasses.

Under Armour’s models come in a variety of styles for men, women, and kids and are designed to meet the day-to-day needs of consumers with active lifestyles regardless of age. 

Model 5007-G

Model 002-G-S

 Model 003-G-S

Model 5013

Under Armour casts a wide net with its eyewear line comprising 4 divisions—Active, Lifestyle, Outdoor, and Youth. Despite targeting different segments, each Under Armour model is built to combine clear vision, sporty styling, versatility, and the stability you need to continually push back your limits. 

Homme se grattant les yeux

Ophthalmic model for women

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Ophtalmic model for men

Things like reduced weight and ergonomic design, or their silicone temples and antislip nose pads (available with some models) exemplify the technical refinements athletes and brand fans are raving about. 

Meet the Under Armour collection in your clinic

Under Armour’s clothing, shoes, and accessories designed to meet athletes’ needs are inspired by champions and developed to provide everyone with the performance solutions they never knew they needed and now can’t imagine living without.

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