Try Nike frames—built for everything you throw at them

A collection that combines lifestyle and performance

You know as well as we do that busier than ever lives make us choose practical clothing and accessories that complement our personal style. That’s why the athleisure trend has grown in recent years. It offers the perfect blend of versatile casual clothing and durable sportswear. A fixture of the fashion world in the 90s, dresses with straps, platform shoes, and chokers have made a comeback and catapulted athleisure to its height.

Adopting this trend couldn’t be easier: choose comfortable clothing and accessories suitable for a variety of activities, including sports. At least one fashion-forward piece in your look will be designed for or inspired by athletes. Nike is going gangbusters by creating lifestyle collections—including frames—that combine functionality and style. Its most recent collection of frames for sunglasses will coordinate with anything in your wardrobe.

100% athleisure

It’s the ideal style for going from gym to shopping! Hoodies casually camouflage workout tops but still let skin breathe. Next, swap runners for sandals and top it all off with these Nike Flex Finesse 996 frames, which transition easily between intense workout sessions and all your weekend plans.

From left to right: Alala look, Nike sandals, Nike Flex Finesse 996* frame, Nike sports bra and leggings. 


Lunch and errands

Mixing styles opens the door to more creativity when combining pieces. The coloured lenses in these Nike Essential Spree 1004 frames are right on trend for 2017–2018. Separately, each of these could be combined with 1,001 outfits to soften the look and create a varied wardrobe.

From left to right: Fashion Me Now look, H&M parka, Nike Essential Spree 1004* frame, Nike vintage crewneck, Aldo shoes and H&M jeans. 


Office casual

To adapt your sporty look for the office, opt for more neutral tones and avoid extremes. Pair fitted, well-cut pieces with one looser item, and there you have it! Complete the look with a comfortable shoe with detailing that’s office appropriate. These Nike Flatspot 923 frames are your best defence against UV rays during lunchtime strolls.

From left to right: Death by Elocution look, Zara blazer, Nike shoes, Nike Flatspot 923* frame, Zara tank top and H&M skirt.


Fashionista with a penchant for comfort

The Nike Flex Motion 1016 frame will suit fashionistas with looks as varied as their activities! To embrace the athleisure trend and stay fashion forward, choose one key piece from a sporty collection (in this case, a jogging pant) and pair it with the season’s hot trends, like ruffles or florals.

From left to right: H&M ruffled top, Aldo shoes, Nike Flex Motion 1016* frame, H&M ruffled tank top and MyTheresa look.


With athleisure, most pieces can be worn in social (and even professional) situations without anybody noticing. That’s already the case for those popular running shoes, which—like frames—complete an outfit, taking you through all your daily activities. It’s what has made Nike much more than just an athletic brand. It’s now part of urban fashion.

Like the brand’s clothing and footwear, Nike frames are lightweight, feature-filled, and on trend. They will also last longer, thanks to properties found in high-performance accessories, like sweat resistance. Since they are designed for elite athletes, these frames will be comfortable and sit snugly on your nose after a quick adjustment by your optician.

Are you brave enough to wear your “sports” frames every day?

This is just a sample of the wide range of Nike frames available at Opto-Réseau, with or without a prescription. Visit your local clinic to try them on and get advice from our vision experts.