Time to Transition – Camille la Curieuse X Opto-Réseau

 By Camille La Curieuse 

New season, new mood: time to truly take care of myself! And the first step is taking better care of my eyes. So, to fix the fact that I hate my uncomfortable glasses, I made an appointment at the Opto-Réseau clinic closest to my home. I needed stylish frames and contact lenses that work for my new, more active and professional lifestyle. 

I jumped on my Bixi and rode to Opto-Réseau’s Rosemont clinic, thinking about what kind of glasses I needed. They had to be so pretty that I’d never want to take them off. I had three words in mind: simple, stylish and vintage. Apart from that, I was feeling a little lost. Even though I’d made a Pinterest board, I still had no clue about trends in eyewear, new technology, or what I really needed for my shortsighted eyes. Plus, wearing contact lenses also seemed super practical, considering my line of work and my more active lifestyle.

A Complete Neighbourhood Clinic

I wanted choices, and Opto-Réseau didn’t disappoint! They have a huge selection of frames, including collections by European manufacturers, designers, and stylists. I love having options, but with so many, I was feeling even more hesitant.

Then I met the optician, Camille, who was ready with all sorts of advice. I knew she would point me in the right direction. No matter which clinic you visit, you can always take advantage of the fact that professionals like Camille will be there. I asked her tons of questions. She was so professional and told me about the shapes, thicknesses, colours, and frame styles that were best for my prescription, my lifestyle, and my personality. 

After chatting for only a few minutes, my new face specialist said she had a set of frames in mind for me. And when I laid eyes on them, I knew they were for me. They were the perfect fit! I was in love. Despite the vast selection, my mind was made up—the Italia Independent frames were the lucky winners (or was I the lucky winner? Probably both!). Plus, I was told that the shape was perfect for my prescription. Sweet!

Next, I had my appointment with the optometrist, Dr. Anabelle Leclerc. Not only did she help me see that without correction, I really couldn’t see a thing, she also told me that her Opto-Réseau clinic was family owned and that she loved her job! Isn’t it wonderful when people get to work in a field that’s perfect for them? 

Contacts for My Active and Creative Lifestyle

Dr. Leclerc recommended Harmony Optimize contact lenses to match my active lifestyle. As a social media content creator, I’m often using my phone or my computer in all sorts of places. Writing an article or an email from a photo studio or a new neighbourhood café can strain my eyes. My new Harmony Optimize contact lenses are perfectly suited for the way I work. See ya later, eye strain!

Plus, when I’m on the road, contacts are all I wear!

Trying Photochromic Lenses

Excuse me?! Photochromic lenses? When my optician told me about them, I felt like dismissing the thought out-of-hand. They made me think of an older man in cargo shorts wearing suspicious-looking glasses still dark from the outdoors even though he was inside. I’d always hated photochromic lenses.

That changed when she told me about the newest technology. She assured me that nowadays, the transition is much subtler and faster. Plus, there’s a wide range of colours to choose from. Opto-Réseau made me 100% confident. Their advice convinced me, and I opted for a shade of blue! Just like on my Pinterest board! #OnlyCrazyPeopleNeverChangeTheirMinds

I left the clinic with a complete health check-up and customized solutions for my eyes. The service was also personalized and professional. I couldn’t wait to get my new eyewear!

My Point of View

Two weeks out, I’m more than happy with the Harmony Optimize contact lenses my Opto-Réseau optometrist recommended. I’m also proudly wearing my new frames because the size and look are absolutely perfect for me. And I love my lenses’ bluish tint, which makes my glasses so much more stylish! When I decide to put them on in the morning, it’s like I’m making a bold statement to my mirror and to the entire world—accept me for who I am!

Photo Credits: Julien Cardenas