The Grown-Up Frame for Small Faces

You know when you’re out shopping and that must-have item isn’t available in your size? The same thing can happen when people with narrow faces go to buy glasses. Sometimes they have to resort to children’s collections just to find a frame that fits. To cater to this market, Inface launched its Nifties collection—fashion frames for smaller faces.

From the start, Inface designers have set out to create frames that strike the perfect balance between the front, temple, materials, and colours used. Nifties embody the Danish principle of quality throughout the process—from creative design to production. “We’ve worked hard to ensure that the simple and refined details are proportioned perfectly to the whole frame,” said Mette Laursen, artistic director and design manager at Inface. The result is a beautifully modern frame that offers unparalleled comfort to women with smaller faces.  

Mette Laursen, artistic director and design manager




For more information or to see the collection, visit your nearest Opto-Réseau clinic